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Simple Acts making a Difference

We set up our charity in March 2020, and in response to COVID19, we have grown from 4 people to an amazing community of our 1,000 volunteers and Kindness Ambassadors that cover the whole of the UK. We have shared kindness with over

46,000 people including children in the UK. We have also reached overseas to the US and Europe as part of our #internationalkindnessexchange. From a small charitable Trust, we are now a registered charity with both a national and international reach. This is the result of simple acts and the combination of an amazing community of people.


Our vision is to create a powerful movement with connected and passionate people who promote, give, and share simple acts of loving-kindness to relieve those in need, by reason of ill-health, bereavement, disability, financial hardship, or other life-challenging disadvantages. As we continue to face COVID19, our community will be making a difference.

We believe it's the small simple things that we do that often make a difference.

#simpleactsoflovingkindness #makeadifference 

  Silk Elephant CIO

Registered Charity: 1191060

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There are many ways you can help us make a positive difference. From raising money, helping your community or being a Creative Volunteer or Kindness Ambassador. 

You can also help buy looking at our Etsy Charity shop online to help us raise funds.

How We Help

We provide support to those in need, by reason of ill-health, bereavement, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage, in particular by encouraging and facilitating simple acts of kindness and promoting the importance of showing kindness to others.

We welcome your support, no matter how small the donation. Help us give a simple act of kindness to someone facing challenging life difficulties. This may be through small financial grants or through one of our kindness campaigns.

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