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Sarah-Jayne Hall - Weddings are on hold but out of the disappointment kindness prevails

“When this story comes to an end, and it will.

The only thing that will really matter, is how you treated others.

If you were kind if you did what you could do to help,” Donna Ashworth

On this week's Blog Spotlight, Celebrant Sarah-Jayne Hall writes about the importance of kindness during this challenging time.

As a Celebrant, I have the honour of conducting a range of ceremonies from weddings, to naming days, to celebrations of life. It has been truly remarkable to see the incredible acts of kindness shared between families, couples and suppliers.

Admittedly people have been disappointed that their plans have had to be put on hold, but the understanding and compassion that they have shown to one another has been heart-warming.

I’ve seen a local catering company pulling together donations from the community to make food for the elderly. They then drop it off on their doorstep so they don’t have to worry about getting to the shops for supplies to make meals.

Photographers are reaching out to small businesses who have products that need photographing – all they have to do is post them and they will create a selection of picture-perfect shots to use on their websites and such. Usually, these professional images would cost a small fortune, but they’re all being done for free to support businesses at such an uncertain time.

Rainbows can be seen in windows in the hope they’ll spread cheer. What a wonderful sight to see.

I have been doing what I can to check on those who might be struggling. Chats on the phone, an email, a text or even a video call. Social distancing is necessary and tough at this time, but communication is key and a quick call can bring a ray of sunshine. So, if you’re reading this and want to chat, I’m here.

It’s amazing that when everything feels like it’s falling apart, the kindness and love from others is enough to hold you together.

Stay safe and always be kind.

Sarah-Jayne x

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