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Sharing love to those suffering loss - #GiftofaHeart #COVID19

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

We are calling for people to make their own love hearts and forward them on to us here at Silk Elephant so that we can distribute them to grieving families who have lost a loved one as a result of COVID-19, have a family member in ICU, or have a terminally ill family member that they cannot see due to COVID-19. We are also sharing hearts to care/nursing homes and funeral directors. We have distributed over 2500 handmade hearts (pairs and singles) so far & gratefully continue to receive them to send all over the UK. We have also had contact from people all over the world including US, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, India and Australia interested in what we are doing to share love during this global pandemic. If you are outside the UK and would like to be part of a global #GiftofaHeart campaign, please get in touch too.

Address: Silk Elephant, The Old Coach House, 15 West Grove, Sale, Cheshire, M333AS


As part of our #GiftofaHeart campaign, we are asking for people to create their own handmade love hearts and send them to us. It means that anyone at home who is a little creative can contribute to sharing the love at this difficult time. They can be knitted, made of felt, or any other material and be any colour or pattern. We are collecting both single hearts and pairs of hearts.

For the pairs of hearts - we have had requests from ICU and palliative care teams asking on behalf of families that cannot see their loved ones whilst they are critically ill or dying. One heart remains with the family and the other with the critically ill or dying patient.

Single hearts - may go to a bereaved family and/or may be placed with their loved one in their coffin. A symbol of unbroken love and a symbol that they wont be forgotten. We are also sharing hearts in elderly care/nursing homes.

We will collect them at the charity and make sure they are all disinfected, including a 72-hour period where they are not handled. They will be packaged safely ready to forward on to families. We are busy setting up a distribution network at hospitals, hospices, care/nursing homes and funeral directors to ensure fair distribution.

We ask that they be no more than a size that can fit in the palm of your hand.

We hope this will go some way to sharing love during Coronavirus. It was the sharing of something as simple as a handmade heart that gave Trustee, Zoe Holland, comfort in 2018 during her father's cancer journey. It is thanks to one of our Founding Trustees, Katie Weaver, that handmade hearts has become our #GiftofaHeart campaign. Zoe first met Katie at the Christie Hospital in 2018, giving away her hand made felt hearts to those who were struggling on the blood cancer ward whilst her beloved Oliver was receiving treatment. It was simple, raw and honest and it was humbling. At Zoe's Father's funeral in January this year, the family gave out Katie's hand made felt hearts to all of our guests as a humbling reminder of the small simple acts of love that give life real meaning. A photograph of those hearts from the funeral is a key image on our website homepage and donation page.

Katie and Zoe became friends, and the giving of a handmade heart - this simple act of loving-kindness - became core to the launch of the charity and is at the centre of our Silk Elephant love heart logo. Katie was invited to become a Founding Trustee and we are delighted she is part of our amazing team.

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