• Zoe Holland

Making a Difference by Sharing Love in Scotland

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Our charity is delighted to be extending our kindness community into Scotland. COVID19 has brought so many people together, and we welcome Kindness Ambassadors, Lorraine Waugh, and Jackie Hale both from Glasgow. Lorraine and Jackie will be coordinating our kindness

campaigns across Scotland - starting with our #GiftofaHeart, #WingsofLove campaigns - sharing handmade hearts to patients, elderly and bereaved families, and sharing handmade butterflies to children who are facing life-challenging difficulties.

Lorraine and Jackie met whilst co-ordinating the For the Love of Scrubbags campaign in Glasgow, Scotland. They did an exceptional job providing scrubs for NHS workers across Scotland.

They will be bringing these skills and all of their creative network connections to the charity.

"We are so pleased to be part of this charity. Over the last few weeks, we have been able to support hundreds of people by supporting Project Wingman - a wonderful project based in Glasgow. This project has brought together grounded airline pilots and cabin crew who have set up a “first-class lounge” service for NHS staff in Glasgow hospitals. Project Wingman offers a space for staff to “decompress” in a lounge setting similar to what first-class passengers and crew enjoy in airports. It is a wonderful way for Silk Elephant to share love and kindness in Scotland," said Lorraine Waugh.

"I am busy researching elderly care homes across Scotland and identifying those that have been adversely affected by COVID19. To be honest, there are so many of these. We really want to be able to send handmade hearts to as many of these as possible. If there are any businesses in Scotland that can help us distribute or are willing to help fund postage costs, we would love to hear from you." A heartfelt request from Jackie.

Chair and Founding Trustee, Zoe Holland - "It is amazing that since 4th April, our charity has grown exponentially. We have delivered over 15,000 handmade hearts across the UK from the Outer Hebrides to Northern Ireland. The essence of these is to share the love and also to enable so many people who have been adversely affected by COVID19 to remain connected through something as simple as a handmade heart. It would not have been possible without the selfless kindness from people like Lorraine and Jackie and also all our Creative Volunteers across the UK. We are calling from anyone that can help us continue to distribute across Scotland - that could be a pharmacy delivery network, a postal service, or any business that delivers across areas of Scotland. PLEASE PLEASE get in touch."


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