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Kindness Ambassadors helping spread love to over 7,500 families and people

It’s fantastic to welcome our team of Kindness Ambassadors. Kindness Ambassadors are amazing people and carry out acts that make a positive difference. They help to build a strong community across all age groups with a shared vision that promoting and delivering simple acts of loving-kindness will have a positive impact on those facing challenging life difficulties. This might be a result of bereavement, disability, infirmity, financial difficulty, loneliness, or serious illness including mental health.

A big thank you to Kay Lee, Jayne Burnham, Helen Selwood, and Jo Deighton who are all helping behind the scenes to distribute handmade hearts to over 7,500 families/people during COVID19. As Kindness Ambassadors Kay, Jayne, Helen, and Jo have been a central part of the charity. They are helping us build collective power to change attitudes and promote kindness. They have helped us deliver campaigns such as #GiftofaHeart and #GiftofaCuppa, and serve as an advisor to our charity, helping think about new ways that we can make a difference in our community.

A big welcome and thank you to them all

Kay is married with 2 children and was lucky enough to take early retirement a couple of years ago, after many years working for Shell.

Kay with husband Dave.

“I’m not the kind of person to just sit around and decided to take a small part-time job at The Priory and also get fit. Before lockdown I was loving going to the gym 4/5 times a week and as well as walking my beautiful GSD, I was gradually getting my fitness levels to where I wanted them to be.

Zoe and her family have been friends of ours for many years and when I found out that she was starting this charity with Paul, I volunteered my help.

I have been phoning elderly care homes and hospitals and introducing myself as Kindness Ambassador for Silk Elephant and what we are about! Once the homes realise that we are not asking for anything and rather giving their residents the gift of a handmade heart, they are extremely grateful.

Myself and Jayne Burnham, also Kindness Ambassador, are then wrapping and dating each Heart, before posting or delivering the packages. I am planning to achieve orders for approximately 400 - 500 hearts per week, so on top of other volunteers, we could be sending out as many as 1000 per week!

It’s certainly keeping me busy!!"

Jo Deighton is 52 this year and only just started to knit again since learning at school.

"I began by knitting baby blankets for family and friends, then I was asked to knit beanies for premature babies in hospitals before the pandemic broke out and we were all in lockdown. I was furloughed from work as part of the management team at a high-end Retail Jewellers and needed something to fill my time. A friend then asked me to knit hearts to send to a local hospital for families unable to visit loved ones affected by the virus before I came across “giftofaheart” by #silkelephant. I joined the group and followed the charity, noticing the great work Sile Elephant was doing and wanted to get more involved, so after a bit of chatting back and forth Zoe kindly asked me to contact elderly care homes to send single hearts to. This inspired me to write a little poem thinking of my late grandmother who I dearly miss and thought how she would have felt all alone in a home. This has snowballed somewhat and has homes coming back to me almost daily requesting hearts. I love to knit hearts daily but quite often through tears(with a glass or two of G&T) for those dear people struggling in this situation, missing their loved ones and I am so privileged to be part of such a wonderful charity like Silk Elephant. So thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of spreading the love with you.”

Helen Selwood

I was pleased to help Silk Elephant to spread the gift of kindness, little knowing that Covid19 was on its way. Zoe and I have been friends for many years and it has been a sad time following the death of her dad, David. I really wanted to support her new charity.

I have made scrubs bags for Trafford Scrubbers and 300 hearts for Silk Elephant. I am helping package and distribute across the UK. I aim to make 1,000 handmade hearts by the end of June using my Harris Tweed, so watch this space! I am researching all of the elderly care/nursing homes that have been the worst hit by COVID19 and making them a priority to receive hearts."

Jayne Burnham

"My love is my family, friends, sun, sea, and sand, food, gin, prosecco, and the gym. My dad is currently in a care home and the idea of sending hearts to elderly people really resonated with me. As I currently have time on my hands, it gives me pleasure to help out the charity.

This is my dad with a handmade heart that was delivered by Silk Elephant to Ashlands Care Home. All residents received a handmade heart. "


As a Kindness Ambassador you will be a central part of the charity, and help us build collective power to change attitudes and promote kindness.

You’ll help us deliver campaigns such as #GiftofaHeart and #GiftofaCuppa, and serve as an advisor to our charity, helping think about new ways that we can make a difference in our community.

The best part? We welcome ideas from you. We’re open to any suggestions or ideas you have, and if there’s something that hasn’t been done before, we will love hearing about it.


  • Connect us with elderly care/nursing homes

  • Connect us with hospitals, hospices, and palliative care teams

  • Distribute gift bags and handmade hearts across the UK

  • Write content for our website and blog - on anything kindness related

  • Produce content for our social media pages

  • Fundraise at schools, community events, and online

  • Give speeches to raise awareness for our cause - can also be online via youtube or via your mobile videos - even a short message about who has been kind to you during the week and how this has made a difference

  • Serve as a face for our organization, being interviewed on major news platforms and talk about what we do

  • Make handmade hearts or other handmade items to provide as donated gifts and be part of our distribution network

  • Donate items to share the love for those facing challenging life difficulties and be part of the team distributing them


You’ll be the first to know about secret projects and what’s happening behind the scenes at Silk Elephant.


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