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Silk Elephant, a small charity in South Manchester that has delivered more than 10,000 handmade hearts to bereaved families, critically ill patients, elderly and vulnerable during COVID19, has launched an international “Kindness Exchange", starting with a partnership with a charity in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

“We have seen how small and simple acts of kindness have made such a difference during COVID19, and we wanted to extend kindness by sending our handmade hearts deliveries outside of the UK. Recently, we have been focusing on deliveries to elderly care homes and we decided that we wanted to partner with an organisation in the United States. It was amazing to find ‘Love for the Elderly’, a charity focused on sending handwritten letters to the elderly,” says Zoe Holland, Chair & Founding Trustee of Silk Elephant.

The charities liaised via Zoom, and have now embarked on an international ‘Kindness Exchange.’ This involves Silk Elephant sending handmade hearts to the US and Love for the Elderly sending handwritten letters to the UK.

“The physical health impacts of isolation are equal to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It's obvious that being socially isolated is not good for us. We might have to social distance, but that doesn’t mean we have to feel alone. Amid COVID-19, we’re collecting handwritten and virtual letters of love for senior communities to send love one letter at a time. In April, we sent out over 11,000 letters of love. We've seen so many people embrace our elders from afar right now during a time when it's needed most. We wanted to be part of this International Kindness Exchange with Silk Elephant, sharing a simple letter and a handmade heart can brighten someone's day, and love is so important right now,” Jacob Cramer, CEO Love for the Elderly.

Silk Elephant has also received handmade hearts from creative volunteers in Italy, Poland and Portugal. The charity is now liaising with a non-profit organisation in India and Italy to grow its International Kindness Exchange.

“Our next steps are to look at extending our International Kindness Exchange further, and we are already lining up to send a small delivery to India and Italy. Kindness has no boundaries, and as we face a global pandemic, it seems right to look globally at how we can share simple acts of kindness across the world,” Zoe Holland.

Simple acts making a difference.

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