David Nichols

In Loving Memory


After dad died in December 2019, we wanted to create something positive. SILK ELEPHANT is the result - simple acts of loving-kindness (SILK) and a nod to dad with ELEPHANT (small steps - his favourite saying - you can't eat an elephant all at once).

During Dad's 15 month cancer journey, we unexpectedly found that it was often the simple acts of kindness of other people that helped us through the most difficult times. Dad's diagnosis came at a time when we were also coping with my son's mental health issues, so life really was tough.


We were surrounded by love and we shared love in the simplest of things - a text, a call, the offer of a cuppa, food parcels, a Tupperware of soup, a doorstop hug, a Cortado for dad, a message of support for Elliott, the offer of a lift and so many more acts of kindness.

Zoe Hollland & Paul Nichols (Founding Trustees) with their father David Nichols


Our mission


We are a strong community across all age groups with a shared vision that promoting and delivering simple acts of loving-kindness will have a positive impact on those facing challenging life difficulties. This might be a result of bereavement, disability, infirmity, financial difficulty, or serious illness including mental health. Our vision is to make a positive difference in times of difficulty.

We believe that it is often the small simple acts that can make a positive difference.


We use our collective power to change attitudes and promote kindness and we campaign relentlessly to create a more caring and selfless society. We believe this starts with educating young children about kindness through our school kindness programme.